About Us

The idea behind dahippo.com is a "What's on Guide" for local events.

Most other guides concentrate on the bigger venues and cinema listings, things you usually plan ahead for.

We aim to list the local community events and what's on in the local pub, things that you might do on the off chance if you knew about them in advanced or last minute.

Personally if I fancy a night/day out, it's usually on the hoof, so I want to know what's on down the local or community centre, whether it maybe Karaoke, Open Mic Night or something completely different

In order to achieve this we will operate an open system where venues owners/operators and event organisers can add their own events also community volunteers can add events on behalf of others, users can achieve a 'trusted' status where new venues/events won't need approval by admin.

Currently we have a set of ideas of how we want to do things, but until we try and test those ideas in the real world we don't really know if we are on the right track or not.
So we welcome all and any feedback, though we can't guarantee that we will implement every idea as some might take us away from the core objective.

All listing are 'FREE' if the entry fee is less than £10 or if the event is of a charitable nature.
Otherwise there will be a small charge of 1 full ticket price per 200 heads per event, based on venue capacity.